'Perspective' challenge best entries
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'Perspective' challenge best entries

Explore photography from unique angles

Our 2024 Weekly Challenges kicked off with the theme 'Perspective'. We encouraged our members to explore new viewpoints: Look up, look down, tilt head to the sides, or even flip the perspective inside out! The goal was to capture what is around us from a fresh angle.

It's a widespread belief that we all see the world through the same lens, but that's far from the truth. Our perspectives are as distinct as our fingerprints. Often, we only notice what's directly relevant to us at any given moment—similar to how buying a red car suddenly makes red cars appear more frequently on the roads.

Dive into some of the captivating entries from last week and discover for yourself. If you're passionate about photography and eager to challenge your skills while having fun, join us!

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'Should we mark time by a clock or the setting sun?' by Cynthia Stoks

'Royal spoonbill. A shift of perspective to just a detail: the detail that most people notice immediately about these birds.' by Kelvin Wright

'Contemplation of linear space' by Dafydd Davies

'Early morning fog wraps the masts of the Rainbow Warrior in a cloak of mystery, making them a ghostly figure against the dim light.' by Debra Ellen

'Attack of the giant Border Terrier' by Penny Milner

'Today's perspective' by Dan Winner

'From the beach' by Ann Kilpatrick

'Two lots of friends having a chat' by Karen Miller

'Different perspective' by Sue Hoskin

'Percussive perspective' by Damon Marshall
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