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Working with models – Sharing experience with Charlotte Johnson

Gain more insight into Charlotte's work with models.

Wild about wildlife: Interview with Kim Free

Excio member Kim Free first got into photography when she got an iPhone, quickly becoming hooked and purchasing a DSLR. She is passionate about nature and capturing New Zealand's extraordinary wildlife. In this interview, we learn about her photography journey and some of her most memorable wildlife encounters.

'Submerged' new series of work by Marina de Wit

Faced with a lack of creative motivation during New Zealand's latest lockdown, Marina de Wit was ready to hang up her camera. But then on a walk one day, Marina found the inspiration she needed and now has a new series of work to show the world.

Noelle Bennett lands ‘Top Finalist’ in Close-up Photographer of the Year Challenge

Noelle takes photographs because it’s what she loves to do. She’s not a landscape photographer or a nature photographer or a street photographer - Noelle is somebody who simply wishes to share her view of the world, her way of seeing. In this interview, we find out about the photos she entered into CUPOTY’s ‘Two Of A Kind’ themed challenge, and the lengths she went to when capturing her top-finalist photo of two magnificent King shags.
Stock photography

The power of a good photo with Elanie van Greuning

Elanie van Greuning, Crossroads Accounting & Advisory Services Ltd, talks about the vision for her business, how she is using photography in marketing to tell her story, and discovering the Excio Image Library.
Stock photography

Bridging a gap in office photography with engaging shots

Although a classic genre in stock photography, the workplace is often portrayed in a dull and overly contrived way, thus rendering the image – and the message – ineffective. In this post, Lynda Harris of Write discusses the importance of ensuring your photos reflect your company's character and the theme at hand.
Stock photography

FairShare Photography heroes: branching out - photo artist Judi Lapsley Miller shares her library of ‘things’

Known for her photo-artistry creations, in which she uses digital compositing to create bird and nature artworks based on photographs, Judi Lapsley Miller is now sharing photos from her huge catalogue of images (everything from landscapes to household items) with Excio image users.
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The hidden cost of photos for presentations

Developing a cost-effective way to source and use stock photography can be tricky. In this post, Isla Grant of Lane Neave discusses how choosing fewer, more impactful images help in creating great presentations.

Art of Birding: February monthly sparks ‘exploring wildlife and pet photography’

The February Art of Birding, Wildlife and Nature project was to present a portrait rather than just a snap of a chosen critter; to make the critter the hero of the image. See the best images and learn how the photos were captured.

Art of Birding: Developing photography skills for wildlife advocacy

Using photography for good has always been at the heart of both Excio and the Art of Birding Challenges. Therefore, using photography for wildlife advocacy was a great topic to get challenge participants thinking how they could share details about the animal through their images.

Art of Birding: October monthly sparks ' Making it tangible

As we head towards the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on how far we’ve come by creating something tangible with our digital files. Art of Birding members were encouraged to create calendars or other tangible products to show off all their hard work.