Purpose-driven visual storytellers

Excio community was launched in 2017 from a passion to discover talented photographers, and to offer a platform for showcasing captivating photographs — and the people and stories behind them.

So, what began as an online platform for photographers has evolved and expanded to offer personalised member portfolios, a bi-monthly journal, a curated photo library that fairly serves photographers and image users, and a community space known as the Excio Hub.

At Excio, we are devoted to fostering a growing community of passionate individuals and to helping everyone unlock the full potential that photography can provide to society.

If you share our vision and would like to be part of this extraordinary journey, we invite you to join us today.

Photo by Raewyn Smith

Sharing stories

Behind every photo is story. Through photography, we can all learn about the world we live in and make a positive impact.

When our contributing members share their photographs, we regularly showcase their work through our articles, newsletters, and social media.

If you are still wondering whether Excio is for you, read more about some of the benefits below.

Inspiring and growing

Excio community is a distraction-free zone for photographers to learn, experiment, and grow. No algorithms, no ads.

We love challenges and competitions! There’s always something happening at our online Community Hub to keep you motivated and inspired. If you want to take your photography to the next, more serious, level, then joining Excio is essential - it is all about having a bigger purpose (rather than "It's just a hobby" mindset), accountability, and support from fellow like-minded photographers.

We also publish an issue of our Captivating Photography Journal every two months. Members can read the journal online for free, and non-members can purchase both digital and print versions.

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