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Unlock the secrets to captivating photography

Unlock the art of creating truly captivating photographs with our exclusive four-week online course. Elevate your photography from ordinary to extraordinary and ensure your work stands out in the digital age.

Photo by Shaun Barnett

The foundations every photographer should know

(no, it's not about basic settings!)

In a world brimming with images, only a few have the power to truly captivate and linger in our memories.

While there are many courses promise to polish your skills and help you take better photos, this course is different.

Why aim for 'better' when you can be unforgettable? What does 'better' even mean? Competing with other photographers, trending on Instagram, or just operating a new camera better?

Over the years, we have analysed thousands of impactful photographs and created a unique framework that reveals how to make images that captivate and resonate deeply.

Captivation in photography means stopping a viewer in their tracks, making them look, feel, and connect. It's about delivering a photograph that enthrals, evokes profound emotions, and shifts perspectives.

This pioneering course is your gateway to mastering the art of creating captivating photographs at a time when AI-generated images are saturating our visual landscape. Create something genuine and memorable—images that spark curiosity, evoke emotions, and inspire changes in perception. It's time to define your unique style, refine your vision, and make your mark.

Course details

Start date: 17 June

Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: $299 for non-members / $250 for Excio members

Location: online

What you will learn

  • Week 1: Overview of 16 qualities of captivating photographs
    Understand the foundational elements that can transform an ordinary image into a captivating one.
  • Week 2: Crafting wonderful photographs
    Learn how to create images that make people go 'wow'. Explore the techniques that add that spark of wonder to your shots.
  • Week 3: Inspiring curiosity
    Delve into the art of making your photographs a source of curiosity. Discover how to weave intrigue and interest into every frame.
  • Week 4: What makes a photograph memorable?
    Unpack the reasons some images linger in the memory long after they're viewed, while others fade quickly. Learn how to make your photographs stick in the viewers' minds.

Course features

  • Learn at your pace within a structured, supportive environment
  • Participate in a group course but work individually with access to recordings on demand
  • Attend four inspiring online sessions with guest experts
  • Engage with comprehensive case studies and assignments
  • Receive an exclusive PDF guide summarising all key techniques and insights upon completion

This course is perfect for you if you:

  • Aim to lift your photography from good to mind-blowing
  • Are eager to discover the secret ingredients that make photographs unforgettable (all backed by our research and science)
  • Feel passionate about photography but need fresh ideas on what to photograph and how to truly stand out
  • Wish to explore and evolve your genre and style

Limited enrolment – Act fast!

This isn’t just another course on improving your photos. You will discover insights found nowhere else, based on our extensive research.

We keep our class sizes small to ensure quality and personalised learning experiences. Secure your spot now and start a journey that transforms your photography from ordinary to extraordinary.

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