Young Learners Nature Photography Workshop

Shafeek Allie (age 16, Pinehurst School)

In partnership with IMAgEN8, our 'Young Learners Nature Photography' workshops are designed for students aged 8–18 with the goal to spark creativity and a deeper connection with nature.

These hands-on workshops will motivate kids to create meaningful, captivating photographs while learning the basics of photography and the importance of protecting the world around us.

Inspiring the next generation of photographers

At Excio and IMAgEN8, we believe that photography has the power to inform, inspire, and create change.

With recent research indicating that only 0.9% of students in this age group consider pursuing a career in photography, Excio is committed to nurturing the next generation of talented photographers and storytellers.

In addition, our young generation is disconnected from their natural environment and increasingly anxious, in large part from technology over-use. Mental well-being in our youth is on the decline, alongside our planet's health. Biodiversity impacts due to habitat loss, extreme weather events, and climate change are inextricably linked to our daily lives.

During the workshop, participants will learn about the importance of photography and the power of visual storytelling, while connecting with nature and developing practical skills for capturing captivating photographs.

Every student will receive personalised attention and guidance from our professional instructors.