Captivating Photography Library

Explore our abundant library of authentic, captivating photographs. It’s membership-based, fair to photographers, and affordable to image users.

How it works?

When you sign up on our Library website, you can purchase access to the Library for NZ$500+GST. This allows you to download up to 500 images, whether that takes you 3 days or 3 years — the access is entirely yours.

Contributing photographers earn a percentage from each Library access sale, which is determined by their contribution to the Library (the number of photographs they have uploaded).


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Excio Image Library | New Zealand
Excio is the first community-driven image library that serves those who appreciate fresh, high-quality photographs, with the assurance that every photographer is fairly rewarded.


Each photograph in our Photo Library is thoughtfully curated to ensure it captivates the attention of your audience, and resonates with their emotions.


We continually update our library with fresh content, ensuring you always have access to attention-grabbing photographs that reflect the evolving world around us.


The photographs in our collection capture authentic, realistic (no filter) moments, tell true stories, and reflect the unique perspectives of our photographers.

High res

All photographs are offered in high resolution, guaranteeing impeccable clarity and detail that enhances the visual experience.

Our Foundation Supporters

It takes community to generate momentum, and we gratefully welcome these organisations into the wider Excio photography community.



Photographs that showcase the diverse range of human experiences and emotions, offering a glimpse into the many facets of our lives.


The serene beauty of the natural world with breathtaking landscapes, tranquil seascapes, and intimate portraits of plants and animals.


The vibrant energy of New Zealand’s urban life through captivating photographs of architectural marvels, bustling streets, and diverse cultures.


The genius of human creativity with photographs that capture architectural wonders, artistic creations, and intricate everyday objects.


Photographs that honour the stunning beauty and diversity of Aotearoa and global wildlife. From close-up portraits of our treasured birds to wild encounters.


Thought-provoking photographs that evoke emotions and contemplation, adding depth to your visual storytelling.

Library FAQs

How can I start downloading images?

Simply sign up on the Library website (, make the payment, and start downloading.

Your $500+GST payment gives you one PhotoToken (PT), which is like a library card that gives you access to download the images.

What is restricted under your licence?

We have removed all unnecessary hurdles, fine print, and hidden comprehensive add-ons to make it easy for photographers and image buyers to understand how images can be used.

You can use photographs from the Excio Image Library in any project or campaign except re-selling images as your own or using them on products where the photograph becomes the main revenue-driving component (eg, on a T-shirt).

Under the Excio licence, you must not use an image in any way that is pornographic, offensive, racist, or ethically or culturally offensive. Images containing any person or logo, without a model release, must not be used for political endorsement.

How can I submit my images for sale in the Excio Image Library?

Photographs offered for sale in our library are supplied by members of the large and growing Excio Photographer Community. Find out more about membership and join! Please note that offering images for sale is currently by invitation only.

What if I need an exclusive licence or a custom image?

You can ask for an exclusive licence and we will arrange that with the photographers. You can also submit a custom request and we will ask our photographer-members if they have the photos you need or if they can arrange to take the photographs according to your brief.

Where is Excio based?

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, and will provide you with GST receipts for all your purchases.