Beyond Imposter Syndrome: 100-day photo course

Have you ever felt like your work is not good enough? You don’t have the right photographs to submit to competitions? You don’t have enough skills to apply for photography jobs? You are not alone – we know the feeling all too well!

As soon as we realised there is a wide-spread ‘lack of confidence’ virus amongst creatives, we started our own research to learn all we could about imposter syndrome for photographers, and how to deal with it.

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Not your usual challenge

We designed this course to be transformational from ‘day one’.

It is a commitment for those who want to achieve more with their photography skills, unlock creativity, develop confidence, and learn new skills.

By the end of those 100 days you will be transformed – understanding the source of that inner voice that says your work isn’t good enough, and learning how to deal with it and even turn it into an advantage.

The course includes video recordings, live online meetings, and group exercises.

The course has weekly assignments, some of which include taking photographs.

What others are saying

"For the last few weeks I've been visiting places I have been many times before, and photographed many times but realised I was approaching my photography in a completely different way - fewer pictures taken but much, much better. The group has changed my approach to the craft." Kelvin Wright
"Thank you for putting this course together - I read about the course and had a 'omg, that course is made for me' moment! I have really enjoyed making connections with other photographers in a welcoming, safe and encouraging space. The different perspectives and images have been inspiring. There are some images from everyone that need to be printed!" Penny Milner


This course is online, so you can join from wherever you are.


Places are limited to make sure everyone receives the opportunity to get the most from the course.

Hurry and reserve your spot! 

Registrations are now open for February 2024.

$230 (incl. GST)

Excio members enjoy a 20% discount.

'Beyond Imposter Syndrome' course registration

100-day course to help you achieve more with your photography skills, unlock creativity, develop confidence, and learn new skills.

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Programme and schedule

Module I

Week 1 – What is imposter syndrome, and why does it particularly affect creatives?

Week 2 – How is our confidence built and affected?

Week 3 – Mindset challenges

Week 4 – How to deal with self-doubt

Week 5 – Focusing on negative feedback!

Week 6 – Attitude training

Week 7 – Working on your portfolio

Module II

Week 8 – Breaking through the noise

Week 9 – Networking for introverts and photographers

Week 10 – Our successes and failures

Week 11 – Building your captivating photography portfolio

Week 12 – Secrets behind creating winning photographs

Week 13 – Demo Day! Presenting your best 20 shots.

Week 14 – Building your personal brand

Week 15 – Recap and next steps

Our tutors

This course will be delivered by our founder, Ana Lyubich, with assistance from other Excio photographers, to share a wide breadth of experience supported by research on psychology and building confidence.

Some of the photographs shared by previous participants throughout the course