Aiming for a different perspective: An interview with nature photographer Alicia Joubert

Only moving to New Zealand from South Africa in 2018 and getting to grips with her camera during the Covid lockdown, Alicia Joubert is discovering that Aotearoa might be small, but it is undoubtedly mighty with countless photo opportunities - Astro being a new love but long exposure landscapes being the overall favourite for Alicia.

How well are women represented in the photography industry?

In a male-dominated industry such as that of photography, the lack of opportunities and representation for women remains a top-priority issue to be addressed if we want to shift this paradigm into a fairer and more authentic one, thus reflecting the diversity of photographers out there.

Mirrored images with Heather Maree Owens

Relive your childhood by creating mirror images reminiscent of kaleidoscopes.