Stand out from the crowd: Why a website is essential for photographers

In a digital age where visual content reigns supreme, photographers need more than just social media accounts to showcase their work and build credibility. Dive into the world of photographers' online presence, uncover unique challenges, and learn why having a website is paramount for success.

Rising star: Matthew Chen

Matthew is sixteen-years-old and lives in Auckland. Ironically, his photography journey started when he dropped his sister’s camera at Disneyland when he was six, he hasn’t looked back since! In this interview, Matthew shares his photography journey from childhood to becoming a professional photographer. He talks about his inspiration, favorite genres, and challenges he faced.

Show us your neighbourhood! Excio's photography competition

Excio is hosting a photography competition, so be in to win. Check out our five tips for giving yourself the best chance of success. You can join in the fun if you are a beginner or a professional, as everyone has an equal chance at capturing that very special moment in time. So get snapping your neighbourhood from anywhere in the world.

The magic of golden hour in photography

We share top tips for capturing photographs during golden hour. The time after sunrise and before sunset when the sun’s rays give extra warmth and appeal to photographs.

Interview with Michael Cowen: A Kiwi living in UAE using the power of photography for ethical purposes

Michael Cowen is a Kiwi born and bred who has been living in the UAE since 2006. Though it’s difficult to be an amateur photographer in the United Arab Emirates, Michael still manages to nurture his passion for landscapes and work on photo projects for ethical purposes.

Late bloomer Carolyn Collins discusses her passion for flower photography

Although a late bloomer when it comes to photography, only picking up a camera in her mid-60s, Carolyn has found a passion for photographing flowers, even making greetings cards from her images.

Neutral colours in photography: How to use them for warmth and effect

When it comes to photography, there are many different ways to create an effect. You can use light, shadows, and of course, colour. In this blog post, we will focus on the use of neutral colours.
Stock photography

Taking stock photos: A very crafty 1, 3 or 5

We want to turn crafts up-side-down and make the subject appealing to more photographers, even those who think ‘that’s not for me, and it’s not my genre’. Read on to discover why and how.