Stock photography

Branching out - photo artist Judi Lapsley Miller shares her library of ‘things’

Known for her photo-artistry creations, in which she uses digital compositing to create bird and nature artworks based on photographs, Judi Lapsley Miller is now sharing photos from her huge catalogue of images (everything from landscapes to household items) with Excio image users.

Fairshare Photography heroes: 30 years of graphic design experience shines through in Mark Trufitt’s photography

With over 30 years of experience working in the graphic design / graphic production industry (and having worked with Lightroom since its release) Mark Trufitt is now allowing his passion for photography to shine through.

Looking to the future with Raewyn Smith

Raewyn Smith loves to photograph flowers but also finds enjoyment from still life, giving viewers a whole different perspective simply by changing up the lighting or shooting from a different angle. Approaching retirement, she’s looking ahead to the future when she’ll have more time to dedicate to her photography.

FairShare Photography heroes: Connecting to the elements with Bikram Ghosh

Bikram Ghosh is inspired by the elements in nature - he loves capturing landscapes, nightscapes, and seascapes... basically anything that covers earth, sky, water, and light! See his work and learn the story of one of our latest Fair Share Photography heroes!

FairShare Photography heroes: Vandy Pollard on NZ’s native birds and their conservation status

Growing up in a family of amateur photographers, Vandy Pollard has since discovered a passion for photographing New Zealand’s native birds whilst raising awareness by sharing information about the bird’s conservation status so that hopefully, the birds can be better protected.

FairShare Photography heroes: Veterinary epidemiologist Robert Sanson shares his photography journey

Immersed into the world of photography as a child growing up in India, today Robert Samson makes his wildlife and nature photos available to a wide audience. The ability to give back to the community via his photographic work is something that is important to Robert and one of the reasons he decided to join Excio’s new Image Library.

FairShare Photography heroes: In awe of wildlife with Jamie Fraser

Jamie Fraser is a passionate wildlife photographer who seeks to capture wildlife in a different light - excuse the photography pun! His aim is to give image buyers something different, animal shots that stand out from the thousands of other similar images.

FairShare Photography heroes: Pushing boundaries for better shots with Isaac Khasawneh

For Isaac Khasawneh, passion combined with developing skills and pushing boundaries is what takes a photographer to the next level, it’s not about having the most expensive gear and it’s certainly not as simple as pressing a button. Learn about his journey as a photographer in this blog post.