Photo competition launches in Hutt Valley

We are excited to announce that Excio has partnered with HuttValleyNZ for a new 8-week long photo competition! If you live in the Hutt Valley, wider Wellington Region or are planning to come and visit in the Hutt before December make sure you take a few photos!

Neutral colours in photography: How to use them for warmth and effect

When it comes to photography, there are many different ways to create an effect. You can use light, shadows, and of course, colour. In this blog post, we will focus on the use of neutral colours.

The colour purple: Best entries

We received some stunning photographs to the Purple Challenge we ran at Excio. The purple theme simply jumps off your screen with vibrancy and character. It was really hard to make a decision, but eventually we selected our top 20 photographs based on how they stood out from all the submissions. Check out our showcase here!

Highlights in photography: How to capture bright, white and warm colours

Highlights are one of the most beautiful aspects of photography. They can make an image look bright, white and warm - and they're a great way to capture the essence of a scene. In this blog post, we'll discuss what highlights are, and how you can capture them in your own photos. We'll also give you some tips on how to enhance these beautiful colours in post-processing!

Art of Birding: May monthly sparks 'getting arty with our photography'

AOB members have been getting arty with their photos, tasked with creating a set of related images that used an artistic technique to tie them together. Throughout the month, participants were sent a ‘weekly spark’ inviting them to try a new technique. Here we look at the best images created from the weekly sparks and the best sets from the monthly challenge.

Challenge: Colour purple

This challenge will have you capturing the colour of royalty but do you know the difference between 'purple' and 'violet'?

Challenge: Colour Yellow

Yellow is thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body. Yellow makes you feel happy and spontaneous. Yellow is perhaps the most energetic of all the warm colours. It is associated with laughter, hope and sunshine. Let’s bring more happiness, energy and optimism with our photography!

Challenge: Life is a beach

Photographing the beach is and will always be a great source of inspiration for photographers but it’s not without its struggles, especially if you try to photograph the beach at noon. Use the tips in this article to get better beach photos whether you’re capturing a traditional seascape, your kids playing on the beach, seabirds, or shells.

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