Pairing pop-culture with photography. Interview with cosplay portrait photographer Frankie Chan

Frankie Chan’s love of photography came from her father but it was only after his death that Frankie picked up a camera to follow her passion for capturing cosplay characters. Working with many different people each of whom possess a unique vision, Frankie makes their vision a reality.
Stock photography

Local photos, for local businesses, by local photographers

Whilst big companies often enjoy a decent budget to spend on trying to get the “perfect” photograph for a campaign or ad, small-to-medium-sized businesses usually have to rely on online libraries for their imagery. This might be fine when looking for more general shots that needn’t be related to a specific place. But what if the aim is to highlight your business’ local engagement by paying tribute to your region, and what you need is a photo of a particular local landmark?

FairShare Photography heroes: In awe of wildlife with Jamie Fraser

Jamie Fraser is a passionate wildlife photographer who seeks to capture wildlife in a different light - excuse the photography pun! His aim is to give image buyers something different, animal shots that stand out from the thousands of other similar images.

FairShare Photography heroes: Pushing boundaries for better shots with Isaac Khasawneh

For Isaac Khasawneh, passion combined with developing skills and pushing boundaries is what takes a photographer to the next level, it’s not about having the most expensive gear and it’s certainly not as simple as pressing a button. Learn about his journey as a photographer in this blog post.

Making magic under the star with Peter Haworth

Initially inspired by Mark Gee’s night sky images, Peter Haworth’s passion for astro photography has truly skyrocketed over recent years with him now capturing deep space objects and marveling at the science that surrounds them.

#GoodChallenge: Capturing love

Photographing love and emotions isn’t easy, it requires concentration, dedication, and some technique. In this #Good Challenge we share some tips and ideas whether you’re photographing your significant other, a place you love, or a beloved pet.

FairShare Photography heroes: Erika Berendsen on how she started selling her work

Outdoor enthusiast Erika Berendsen started selling her photography on the advice of her husband. She is one of Excio’s first FairShare Photography heroes helping to change stock photography for the better.

Damon Marshall’s journey with photography and YOPD

Once a keen landscape photographer, Damon’s battle with YOPD meant that it became harder and harder for him to be able to get out and take his beloved shots. But now, a successful surgery has opened a window of opportunity for Damon to be able to get back out into the landscape, camera in hand.