Submission guidelines

What we pay attention to when you submit your work for sale on our  Excio Image Library.


Imagine yourself as an image buyer. Step back and look at how your photographs may be used - in a presentation, report, or on a website. Ask yourself: Would you use this photo in a report for your manager? On a website that thousands will see? We love creativity, but we also must make sure that the composition makes sense and the photo tells a story.


We check all submitted images at 100% and at the lowest resolution you can upload - 2000px on the short side. At this size there should no noise or blur visible. Hover your mouse over the photo to see through the magnification glass. That’s what we see when we check your work! Images with this level of noise will be rejected.


When we talk about blur we don’t mean creative blur (ICM) or the one you get when using slower shutter speed. We refer to camera shake, blurred edges (when they are supposed to be sharp), blurred moving objects that distract attention from the main composition. Hover your mouse over the alien and you will see it's blurred.

Use of AI in post processing

While we have nothing against the use of different  post processing tools, please be aware that some software use ‘extrapolation’ to ‘improve’ image quality. While the images after being processed may seem bright and cool, when you look at them on a big screen you can see how it damages the image quality while also increasing the size of the photos.

The image is used from Topaz AI software to illustrate image quality.

Dust spots and modifications

Dark or light dust spots are a common nuisance and we know it is hard to spot them. There are 3 spots on this photo - can you find them all? If your image was rejected for that reason you can always remove them in post processing and resubmit again.

Incorrect titles/description

Having creative titles is great, but not very useful for an  Image Library. For the image buyers to find your photo imagine what they would be searching for. In this example, having a title “Heaven on Earth“ won’t help, but a title like this “Tide shot from high-angle view with pink sand and blue waves.“ will definitely make sure your photo can be found. Images with incomplete/incorrect details will remain pending for approval until you fix them.