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Welcome to the new era of FairShare Photography.

Earn world-first PhotoTokens¬ģ ¬†

You don't need to wait for your photographs to sell. You don't need to agree to terms and conditions where nothing is transparent, especially your commission.

Start earning PhotoTokens as soon as you upload your work to Excio - each has an initial value of NZ$500. See below how it works and send us an email with any questions.


PhotoTokens earned

What is a PhotoToken?

The first digital token backed by photographs

PhotoTokens serve as a new medium of exchange when you sell and buy photographs. They are earned by photographers and purchased by businesses and individuals who need images.


PhotoTokens start at NZ$500

The value of a PhotoToken starts at $500 is backed by the number of photographs an image buyer has access to. The more photographs there are in the Library the more photographs the image buyer can download, hence, the higher the value of the PhotoToken.


Earn PhotoTokens
by uploading images

An algorithm works out the exact number of PhotoTokens you earn for the number of photographs you upload at any given time. The bigger the library, the more images you will need to upload to earn one, so start now! During 2023, we will enable trading of PhotoTokens, so you will be able to sell your PhotoTokens for cash.


Co-creators of the image library

Invited members who contribute to our image library and earn PhotoTokens become virtual co-creators of the library. Instead of investing money to buy shares, you upload images and earn tokens which will soon become tradeable.

The bigger, more successful and more diverse the Library becomes, the more value PhotoTokens will have.


PhotoTokens reward fairly

We came up with the concept of Excio PhotoTokens after realising how unfairly photographers are rewarded by other stock platforms, and that only around 25% of images sell in the first place.

The PhotoTokens concept enables us to reward photographers fairly for all images they upload. We have completely re-imagined the current commission-based model and call it FairShare Photography.

Apply to start selling

Presently, selling work for PhotoTokens is by invitation only. We look for authentic perspectives, fresh ideas, and in-demand subjects. We are very excited to see what you enjoy creating - Upload 10 of your photographs and we will be in touch within two business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my images for sale in the Excio Image Library?

Photographs offered for sale in our library are supplied by members of the large and growing Excio Photo Community. Find out more about membership and join! Please note that submission of photographs for sale for PhotoTokens is currently by invitation only. All photographs go through AI checks and a manual approval process before appearing in the Library.

How can I earn PhotoTokens?

There is an algorithm behind the scenes that works out exactly how many PhotoTokens you earn for each approved photo. At the moment (Q2 2022) the ratio is appr. one PT for every five photos.

Become a member or submit a sample of your work using the form below - it is free and there are no obligations! We will get back to you as soon as we can and if you are invited you will need to join Excio first before you can offer your work for sale.

How can I cash out or receive payment?

We are building a platform where you will be able to sell your PhotoTokens. When it goes live in 2023 you can offer your PhotoTokens for sale just like you would sell shares of a company - you decide when, how many, and at what price you want to sell them. By then our goal is to establish the market and raise awareness. At this stage the minimum price per PT is NZ$500.

Will I be able to sell all my PhotoTokens? 

There are at least 140,000 businesses only in New Zealand that use images on a regular basis. By the time the platform is live for you to trade your PhotoTokens, Excio will be on the international market which opens endless opportunities for you. Don't wait - start adding photographs now and earn more PhotoTokens before they become available for trading.

How will my images be used?

Take a look at our licence agreement here. In a nutshell, image buyers can't re-sell your photographs, use them on merchandise, or use them in any way that is pornographic, offensive, politically endorsing, racist, or ethically or culturally offensive.

What are your requirements to submit a photo for sale?

We don't ask you to have a fancy DSLR camera or provide exclusivity. All we ask is that the image has a minimum of 3000px on the short edge and, at that resolution, it has no blur, pixilation or noise. You can upload images up to 30Mb in size.

What if an image buyer wants an exclusive licence?

If an image buyer wants an exclusive licence which we call 'market freeze', they can select the duration (how long they need it for) and pay the fee. There are three options for market-freeze - 3, 6 and 12 months that cost $500, $1000 and $1500 accordingly. Photographer in this case receives 50% from the full fee and from the balance we make a 10% donation to a selected charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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