Selling your work

The Excio Captivating Photography Library is based on blockchain technology that creates a new business model for photographers. It’s all about enabling fair rewards for you, and fair prices for image uses.

Who can contribute?

Selling with Excio through the Library is for photographer members only, and is by invitation.

The Library is fully curated, both in terms of subject (based on actual and anticipated demand) and quality.

What’s in demand?

Mindful of subjects that Excio has observed are in demand, invitees contribute their best photographs.

Our team then reviews submitted photographs to ensure they meet the standard encapsulated by the Excio Captivating Photography Framework.

What are PhotoTokens®?

Every time you add new photographs, you receive PhotoTokens (PTs), which are generated specifically for your contribution (currently, 6 photos = 1 PT).

The more photographs you contribute to the Library, the more PTs you earn.

What happens with PTs?

Currently, photographers earn PTs for their images, but cannot yet sell them.

From the end of 2023, when we add trading functionality, photographers will be able to receive income by selling their PTs directly to image users who buy them for Library access.

Creating demand

Right now, the Library is fully operational for buyers, and image users buy Excio-issued PhotoTokens® in return for early-adopter access to the images.

Since acquiring a critical mass of image buyers for the Library during 2022, the Excio team has prioritised identifying how to educate image users to seek and pay for value-giving (captivating!) photographs. By increasing this pool of buyers, we have the opportunity to attract the maximum number of buyers of your PhotoTokens. In other words, education first (through our Framework, Journal, and Academy); selling Library access (and, thus, your PhotoTokens) second!

February 2022

Library opened, PhotoToken price set at $500+GST

March 2022

Launch campaign started

August 2022

40th image buyer (foundation supporters) signed-up

October 2022

100th contributing photographer invited

March 2023

40,000th image published

April 2023

Education campaign underway

July 2023

First Excio Academy online course launched

April 2024

Trading platform launched

Branching out - photo artist Judi Lapsley Miller shares her library of ‘things’

Known for her photo-artistry creations, in which she uses digital composition to create bird and nature artworks based on photographs, Judi Lapsley Miller is now sharing photos from her huge catalogue of images (everything from landscapes to household items) with Excio image users.

Looking to the future with Raewyn Smith

Raewyn Smith loves to photograph flowers but also finds enjoyment from still life, giving viewers a whole different perspective simply by changing up the lighting or shooting from a different angle. Approaching retirement, she’s looking ahead to the future when she’ll have more time to dedicate to her photography.

Image selling FAQs

What are your technical requirements for images?

We don’t ask you to have a fancy DSLR camera or provide exclusivity. All we ask is that the image has a minimum of 3000px on the short edge and, at that resolution, it has no blur, pixilation or noise. You can upload images up to 30Mb in size.

What if an image buyer wants a higher resolution of my photo?

If an image buyer makes a request for a high-resolution file, or wants to source similar photos, we will contact you and negotiate with you directly.

How much will I receive if I provide exclusive rights?

If an image user wants exclusive rights for your photographs, we will negotiate it with you directly depending on the length of exclusivity. Currently, for one photo image users pay $500+GST for 3-month exclusivity option, $1,000+GST for 6 months, and $1,500+GST for 12 months. We share all payments 50/50 with photographers.

How can I sell my PhotoTokens?

You will be able to sell the PhotoTokens you have earned to image buyers for whatever price you think is fair (plus Excio licence and transaction fees that will be added to the sale price). Collectively, with the other contributing photographers, you will set the price of the PhotoToken at any given time by deciding how much money you will accept for selling one.