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Street photography should tell a story in its natural occurrence whilst depicting the truth about life. See how this London Underground photo by Mike Bouchier captures individuals wrapped up in their own activities whilst waiting for the tube and learn what else makes it captivating.

"Baker Street" by Mike Bouchier

In this story-oriented photo of a London underground station we see fou­r subjects engrossed in different individual activities whilst waiting for their train. This image depicts the truth about modern day life; each person wrapped up in their own world. Capturing the truth about life is the major essence of true street photography; to tell a story in its natural occurrence. Let’s talk about some technical things that made this photo outstanding.

Composition - Symmetry

One of the reasons why this is a very good picture is that the photographer was conscious and intentional about symmetry. The picture has such a perfect line of symmetry that if it was split into equal halves, you would find almost all the elements on one side replicated in the other. For example, there’s the iconic Baker Street tube sign on both sides of the wall with the electrical installations above them, as well as the window-like openings which are well centralised. Take a look at the split below to see this more clearly:

Organization of the Elements and Subjects

There’s a great sense of organisation in this photo, especially with regards to the subjects and the elements. This photo shows activities going on almost as though it were planned. All the subjects captured in the frame are captured in strategic positions proportional to the symmetry in the photo. The subjects are engrossed in their individual business with no apparent connection to another as can be seen in everyday situations.


Another thing of note is that the photographer was also able to maintain space, such that there is no occurrence of overlap, none of the subjects obstructed each other leaving everyone in full view.

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