People, cities, social behavior, and landscapes: since Covid19 entered the lives of billions of citizens all over the world, nothing has been able to describe and represent the devastating impact on communities and individuals, like photography has done.

The creative, poetic, and documentarian work of photographers from all around the world has produced a terrific testimony of these unprecedented times. Based on that, Giulio D'Ercole, an Italian photographer with significant international experience, has visualized and conceived “Our Home - A Shared New World”, a fully immersive multimedia exhibition where the expressive work of those photographers can be showcased.

Photo by Wojciech_Karlinski

The space for the exhibition is designed as an allegoric apartment, a metaphor of anybody’s home, as the photos here clearly show. The photographers’ selected images, organized in several well-planned intertwined storylines, will be projected on the four walls of this apartment which we hope will be hosted internationally in the most prestigious museum, galleries, etc.

The photos, slowly dissolving into one another, in a thirty-minute loop, will visually represent the deep impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on our private and social life, showing the similarities of the situations experienced, as told by each artist's sensitivity.

We will enter this room from a foyer where there will be printed photos of the world before the pandemic, plus general info on our history, economics, etc. and we will exit the central hall, passing through another totally bare white room, which symbolizes the new world we are called to build with images of a better future.

The purpose of this ground-breaking exhibition is to raise awareness of the following:

The Pandemic shook the entire world in an unprecedented way, hitting everybody with health, psychological, social, and economic consequences. It dramatically changed our habits and our view on life. It mercilessly revealed the vulnerability of our system, more than any war has ever done.

Facing all that, Nations instead of acting as a global community decided to apply their own rules, trying to solve a world problem through individual nations’ policies.

In order to win the pandemic, human beings need to find a new sense of community, and a new identity that despite borders and cultures can unite us as members of one family, even in diversity.

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