We are excited to announce the launch of our new-look Excio, and the start of a whole new era in photography.

Nothing has changed in the way we respect and care about photographers. Excio is still the place to go to for sharing your work, supporting a good cause through photography, and finding like-minded fellow photographers – but now there is more.

Through the Excio Image Library (excio.io), we have developed a completely new way for you to offer your work for sale, and to start earning from your hobby.

We have also re-launched the Excio Community site, which can now be found at community.excio.io. Fresh members-only competitions will start from January, where you can win cash prizes matched by our donation to a charity. And there is much more – so keep reading!

A game-changer for how you sell your work

You now have a completely new place to offer your work for sale!

In addition to our transparent 50/50 cash-sale model, where 50% from the sale of each photo goes to you and a further 10% to a charity, we have launched a groundbreaking way for you to sell your work.

Existing commission-based models cannot guarantee you will sell any of your images, so we came up with a solution that changes everything. We have handcrafted and launched our own Excio PhotoTokens! As an Excio member, you can earn PhotoTokens for uploading images, and later (from 2023) trade them in for cash. It won’t matter if someone has bought your photos or not, you earn for adding value to the collective and depth of the image library.

And you can choose to sell your photos via our 50/50 cash-sale model, or the new PhotoToken model.

You can discover more about PhotoTokens on our new community site at community.excio.io/sell, and also via the FAQs at excio.io/faqs.

If you wish to start selling with Excio for cash or PhotoTokens, you can submit your work here.

Thank you to our pilot photographers

You will notice that some Excio members were invited to participate in the PhotoToken pilot as we developed the platform. We want to express our huge gratitude and appreciation for their help as they put their time and soul into helping us build our next-generation image library. It is a huge thank you to these people that your work can now be sold, too. So apply today!

Stories that make a positive impact

You all know the ‘photography with impact’ gallery we love, which helped us to help the Mental Health Foundation thanks to your photographs! We have supercharged this model for you and the charities we support, and the stories appear on the homepage of the Excio Community site, where everyone can read them. We thought your featured work deserves to be seen and shared by as many people as possible, including friends, family, and a whole world of photography-enthusiasts.

We are also now donating $1 for every 100 reads of any story. The more photographs and stories you share with us, the more we can publish, and the more positive impact we can make together as a community.


You will notice that ExcioHub area for members no longer exists. We have made the Excio Community site a single place for you to read what’s new and take part in challenges. Challenges are free for everyone. They don’t have prizes, but provide a great chance to develop and grow your skills and also to be published. You are welcome to share the challenges with your friends who may also want to enter, even if they are not yet Excio members.


Competitions are now only open for members, and to enter you will need to submit your work in our members-only Facebook group. (Let us know if you need help accessing this). The judges will then select the best entry who will win a cash prize. We will match the value of the prize by making a donation to the charity of the month.

Your access to the Dashboard

You can still access the Dashboard via direct link – d.excio.io – and continue managing your collections and add new work as you used to.

If you have forgotten your password, you can always click the ‘Forgot password?’ link and it will take you through the resetting  process.

And here are some very useful and really short videos worth watching to brush-up on how the Dashboard works: add a new collection, add a new photo, display your work on mobile, add multiple photos.

New branding

All these exciting changes mean we are not just refreshing the website, but are launching an industry-first image library and expanding our ‘photography with impact’ model.

Such a massive change needed a fresh new look. We loved our old logo (and look) and know many members felt the same, but we decided it is time to evolve. The new icon reflects our photographer-centric approach, and our desire to always learn something new – to develop and grow. We move, we flourish, cameras in hand. There are ups and downs, but we are here together to help each other out!

We have also introduced purple – as you know purple fosters creativity by awakening our senses and helps us to make intuitive, insightful observations – just what we need to capture amazing photos! Our new logo represents the place ‘Where photography flourishes’.

Over the next few months, you’ll see all parts of our Excio universe aligning with our new look.

Thank you to you all

Last, but not least. All of the above would simply not be possible without YOU, our members, who continue to inspire us and help us to move forward. By being a part of the Excio community, you also help us to help others. Our new websites and capabilities are the work of our whole team – software developers, copywriters and editors, community managers, assistants and photographers. We can’t thank you all enough for being with us on this journey.

Enjoy a well earned holiday, and here's to an amazing 2022!

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