How long have you been taking photos and what do you most enjoy capturing?

I have been interested in photography for many years but about 4 years ago I became serious about it and started on my photographic journey properly. My favourite subjects are flowers and still life.

I love to photograph flowers for their ever-changing beauty, from the opening buds right through to when they are past their best. Of course, being a gardener means there’s always something to capture without leaving home.

With still life, again there’s always something close at hand to photograph and just changing the lighting and angle can give the viewer a whole different perspective.

What do you like most about the Excio Image Library and what motivated you to start selling your work with us?

I’d never previously considered making my photos available for sale through an image library, indeed I have currently only sold my photos to friends and referrals and don’t actively promote my images because I feel I currently don't have enough free time to dedicate to doing this. However, the Excio Image Library looks stunning and is easy to use, this being the main reason I jumped on board. I’m interested to see if my photos are of interest to others.

How do you know which photos to publish online?

It’s not easy but sometimes I get a gut feeling of what actually looks good and will do well.

Do you plan to make selling photographs your main source of income or is it still more of a hobby?

It’s just a hobby at the moment, maybe when I retire and have more time I can consider photography being my main source of income. I work full time (including an additional weekend day occasionally) managing a paint store so sometimes time for photography is short. Officially I have about 15 months until retirement, but I may just step back and work part-time. This will give me more time but also still provide extra money for what can be an expensive hobby!

Can you tell us about your best-selling or most popular photo?

My Dahlia photo ‘Cafe au Lait’ has definitely been a favourite.

Long before photography became one of my passions, gardening was and it still is a favourite pastime. I had never attempted to grow Dahlias until last summer and Cafe au Lait was my first, and very successful attempt. I had more than enough flowers to fill the frame for this shot. I grouped them together on black cardboard and shot from above, using a tripod.

What else should we know about your passion for photography?I love the social side of attending small group classes - I like to learn from other photographers at the same time helping them if asked. I have made many friends from these classes.

I would like to do a bit more landscape and portrait photography in the future, so bring on retirement, who knows what could happen!

Where can we find you online, any links you wish to share?

Instagram @raewynjsmith

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