When it comes to finding cosy stock photographs for winter, there are few New Zealand options.  In this first post on creating New Zealand stock photography we define winter warmth and give tips on how to achieve this look through photography.

By Damon Marshall

Image users are looking to warm up winter for their clients, but a quick look at stock photo options shows an overwhelming amount of snow and frost. While this is fine for Canada or Scandinavia it simply doesn’t reflect the winter experience for many New Zealanders. So image users revert to tired overseas stock of fireplaces and mulled wine.

As photographers we have an opportunity to present a new, New Zealand.

In this first article in our new series on how to photograph stock images for New Zealand we’re focusing on a small word, but one with lots of heart: Cosy.

When we think cosy we think comfort, warmth and relaxation. When we think New Zealand cosy we think woollen blankets, hot cuppas and hugs. From these we see the smile on a child’s face, a favourite book being read and a hearty meal. We see every day kiwis in their homes. And we see our bric-a-brac cast aside on typically New Zealand textures and furniture. Muddy boots at the door, while shopping, scarf and hat are discarded as we flop into our comfy chair or check out what’s for dinner.

By Journey by Story

As photographers, how do we turn these ordinary scenes and subjects into desirable stock photographs? Here is our top tip for photographing cosy:

By Markuza

Make it relatable

Standard stock libraries almost always require you to have a clear background so the location is ‘unidentifiable’ and can be used all over the world e.g. it may be a cafe in Wellington or may be in New York. We believe it needs to be the other way round - when people look at your photo they should be able to relate to it, feel the atmosphere and connect with the subject of the photograph.

By Artana

When you think of ‘cosy’ photographs, what comes to mind? Make sure there is something in the photo, even if it is blurred in the background, and that something is recognisable to others. Add some New Zealand flavour! Why not support some local creatives, e.g. this website has some really cool products that you could use in the photos. Even looking at the photographs on their website will give you some ideas for fresh, stock photos.

By providing authentic images we will all grow confidence in the Excio Image Library as the ultimate source of stock photography. And cosy will always shine through when you have fun taking photographs around your home.

Upload your cosy photographs to the Excio Image Library | New Zealand to earn PhotoTokens.

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