Our Image Library is 90% focused on NZ content however, being an international photography community we still invite members from other parts of the world to contribute so that we can spread the concept of FairShare Photography around the globe. Carmen Therriault is our first photographer based in Canada to jump onboard, taking FairShare Photography global!

How did you get into photography?

I have long enjoyed taking photos of my family and our daily lives but about 5 years ago I decided to invest some time in learning how to be more creative in my photography by taking my camera off of auto mode. I was astonished by some of the results and have been hooked on the art of photography ever since.

I take the majority of my photos close to home, which is on the prairies in Alberta, Canada. This area is known for its “big sky” offering wide-open views of sunsets and sunrises, auroras, milky way, and more.

I am fortunate to live near a lake that offers beautiful views at sunrise and sunset; being able to watch the sun rise or set is often a very peaceful way to start or end your day.  Through my photos I aim to capture more than a beautiful sky; I want to convey the mood and share it with others.

Have you noticed that a particular genre has been more in demand?

I find that my aurora photos are very popular and believe people are drawn to them because they may never have witnessed the aurora themselves.  Even those folks who have seen the aurora, are still drawn to them for the uniqueness of every display of lights.

Have you sold your work through an image library before?

I have not sold photos through an image library before as I had not previously found one that offered fair or worthwhile compensation for the time involved in doing so. I decided to join Excio’s image library because of the fair value exchange platform which rewards artists for their work.

I do sell calendars, greeting cards, postcards, and prints of my work though. Most of my customers have come to me through word of mouth and various online and social media groups. I have some of my work for sale in local businesses (coffee shops, boutiques, etc) but also have customers contact me directly for custom orders. It has been a gradual process to build up a customer base that started with me having the confidence to show my work online and in physical locations such as art displays at the local library, although this has been more difficult throughout the pandemic. Since I live in a tourist town and much of my work is local, I have been able to develop a bit of a niche market over time.

How do you decide which photos to sell and promote?

Feedback from fans on social media platforms and groups will often be an indicator of how well a photo will be received by others.

Can you tell us about one of your best-selling photos?

One of my best-selling photos is titled “Counting Stars”.

It’s a self-portrait and involved some planning to make it happen! I used the “Photopills” app to determine the date, time, and direction for visibility of the core of the Milky Way and also scouted the location in daylight. I had a vision for the image I wanted to create but was not sure how the flashlight effect would turn out. I was very pleased with the results and now have a little collection of “flashlight self-portraits”! I think it shows how easy and accessible it is for anyone to witness the wonders of a beautiful night sky.

What’s your connection with New Zealand?

Many years ago, while I was a University student, I spent 4 months working and travelling in New Zealand and fell in love with the country and its people! When I stumbled upon the Art of Birding photography challenge group a couple of years ago via the Excio Photography Community, I excitedly joined knowing it would be a wonderful way to connect with people from New Zealand and around the world and to re-experience some of the beauty of the world down under! I became a member of Excio and the rest is history!

Where can we find you online?

I can be found on Facebook at “Carmen Therriault Photography” and on Instagram @carmentherriault

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