How did your photography journey begin?

I loved art and photography as a hobby, and as my children began to grow and people saw the photos of my children, I began having friends and family request portrait sessions. These people then shared the images I took for them and then more people approached me. I eventually put my work on a website. Over the winter months, when portrait sessions were not as sought after, I would make overlays for composites which I would sell via my website with photographers from all over the world using them.

Have you sold photographs through an image library before?

Excio is my first experience with an image library.  It has been a wonderful photography community to be a part of with sharing and like-minded conversation between photographers and  I am really looking forward to this next phase of FairShare Photography where Excio holds a FairShare standards movement where the photographer is fairly rewarded for their high quality of work.

Why did you decide to start selling your work with Excio?

Not only does the Excio platform look stunning, with a great team behind it, but the quality of the images on Excio are of a great standard to be a part of plus the site is really easy to work on with the ability to upload images just a click away.

This is actually my first experience with a stock photo library and so far, being surrounded by the talent of the other photographers is great for the ego. I used to find it difficult to call myself a photographer but after talking with Ana (the founder) a few times and joining the Excio community followed by the image library I have gained confidence in my work.

I cannot wait for the first time I sell an image with Excio. As I am completely new to the photo stock image library it will be my 2022 goal - I find setting goals is a way I can tick of accomplishments and prove my work is really valued.

What do you like most about being a member of the Excio Community?

I enjoy taking nature shots and find that Excio is a fabulous way to show those off to people who may enjoy them.

Being surrounded by other photographers’ stunning work (all of the photos are of such high quality) is amazing, but I must say that the Excio journals are a gorgeous read too! I also enjoy the community blogs and fun photography challenges all of which help me to keep in touch with like-minded photographers.

What is the inspiration behind your photographs?

Confucius says “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

The inspiration behind my photos is to show the beauty in everything, from common sparrows to a Tauhou Silver eye eating an ugly fig upside down, or a child laying in a field of daisies.  As a Mum, taking shots for another mum and seeing tears (happy tears, of course!) makes me proud. To hear people comment "oh wow" then realise they are looking at an everyday object I’ve managed to capture with my camera makes me feel like I'm sharing little messages of beauty.

Your photos have a very relaxed and natural style, can you tell us how you achieve that?

I am so glad you think that as I strive to take natural photos, whether it is a family session or a nature shot, I prefer a natural setting over the standard group/posed shot any day. I learned that as my style started really setting in consistency in shooting, such as time of day, and editing, was a huge factor.  Obviously, not all photos can be taken at the same time and place, but I began setting rules for myself that if people really liked my work they would definitely understand my reasoning and advice of such time and place settings.

Who is your ideal customer? Where do you see your photographs being displayed?

My ideal customer is really anybody who appreciates my style and my worth. Over the years I have become firm on my style and worth, as this makes me stand out from any others. I would dream of my work being displayed in stores, on walls, or even such places as placemats on the family dinner table.

Where can we find you online?

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