How did you get into photography and what type or genre of photography do you enjoy most?

I learned painting as a kid which I think helped me to visualize scenes, inclining towards photography slowly. Photography for me is to reconnect to myself and the elements in nature are my inspiration. I love landscape, nightscapes, and seascape the most - basically, anything that covers earth, sky, water, and light!

Tell us about your experience with Excio...

I have been part of Excio for 2 years now. I was able to connect myself through the introduction of a friend who has been a long-term contributor to the platform.

Prior to the Excio Image Library, I had never looked at selling my work through any published channels - It was something I was never too sure about as I was still identifying what worked for me. However, I like Excio’s image library because it is diverse and the transparency about the platform is something I find really good so I have signed up! I hope to one day make selling photographs my main source of income.

Your night sky photography is stunningly beautiful. Can you tell us more about it?

Due to demanding priorities in life, I got disconnected from photography for a while but night photography is what connected me back to it. What is so fascinating for me about the night sky is the grandeur scale, the imagination beyond belief, and the humbling experience it gives.

I hope that people can connect to my images in the same way I have connected to the place when taking the shot.

Can you tell us about your favorite photo?

My favorite image so far would be the big MW arch I took last year at Castle Hill. It is naturally a dark site so to see the details at night is a bit hard. To get around this, a lot of photographers resort to photographing the landscape at twilight/blue hour and I have done this in the past as well. But this time around I wanted to have a true nightscape so I planned the shot around a time when my MW setting would overlap a moon rise with just the right amount of light. This image consists of a total of 60 images and is one of the most detailed night sky images I have ever taken ever.

Where can we find you online?

For now I'm publishing all my work on my Instagram but I hope to have a website very soon.

Instagram @bikram.imagery

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