How did you become a photographer and what type or genre of photography do you enjoy most?

I played around with pocket-sized, point and shoot cameras when I was younger, recording life experiences while traveling but it wasn't until after a visit to Stewart Island, in 2018, when I was left frustrated at not being able to photograph the rare birds I had seen that I bought my first ‘real’ camera, a Nikon P900. With my new camera and its impressive zoom, I was able to go out and play in the bush and try to get those rare bird photos.

I wanted to learn how to fully operate the camera, so I invested in online courses to further my knowledge, which was virtually nil, when it came to how to handle a camera. After six months, I reached the limitations of the P900, so I moved on to an interchangeable lens camera, while staying with Nikon.  I am still self taught and soak up online courses like a sponge, always trying to improve my knowledge and skill base.

Photography as a past time, has been very good for me.  It gets me out and about when otherwise I would probably be staying inside feeling isolated.  I seem to enjoy nature and landscape photography the most.  I like getting out in the forest, with friends, trying to photograph tiny fungi, getting a quality bird photo, or just trying to capture the beauty of the trees.  I also enjoy people photography - creating memories for my friends and capturing strangers enjoying themselves at events and on the street.

What is the inspiration behind your photographs?

When it comes to the outdoors, I want to try to capture the raw beauty of our surroundings. For this, I am more drawn to moody days where there is cloud movement and changing light.  I love going on road trips with like-minded friends, seeing what mischief and adventures we can get up to, stopping for scenic spots and waterfalls, or the chance of a bushwalk somewhere new.

When it comes to people and animals, I try to capture the true emotion of the moment.  I want to capture that twinkle that people get in their eye, when they are having fun, or are with their loved ones.  Having lost my family, I enjoy the opportunity to capture future memories for other people.  So often, you don't realise what you have, until you have lost it.

Why did you decide to start selling your work with Excio?

I was already a member of Excio, enjoying the friendly photography community they created.  But it was their faith in me, that I had something that was good enough to sell, that gave me the confidence to put forward my photos for the image library.  I have met some of the photographers who were there during the Beta stage of the library and  I knew the caliber of their photos and felt that if the idea was good enough for them, then it was certainly good enough for me.  I felt honoured to be considered for inclusion as I’d never previously considered uploading work to a traditional stock image library, thinking I had nothing suitable to sell.

Do you hope to make photography your main source of income in the future?

My dream job would be a movie stills photographer.  But as that is just a dream, I would like to have photography as a hobby that pays for itself.  I would have to keep up the day job as I don't expect I would make a profit since I suffer from serious lens envy.  As soon as I sold some photos, I would probably be out buying that dream lens I had been hankering after, or going on a new photography trip or adventure!

Where can we find you online?

Excio Image Library

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