When out and about with camera in hand sometimes it seems like there is little worth photographing.  So you go home with snaps, but nothing that sparks your imagination sufficiently to take the next step – processing your photos or uploading to Excio.  At Excio we understand this is not really a problem of subject matter, and definitely not one of talent, but an issue of purpose.

Without purpose a photo is just a random capture of a moment in time. With a purpose in mind you can look at the ordinary around you differently and view the world from a fresh perspective. It doesn’t really matter what your favourite photographic genre is, the opportunity is to take that genre and use it as a launching pad to photograph a story. In this way you can photograph a fresh series of images that contribute to powerful stock photography.

In our previous blog post on #Stock in-demand we explored why sets of 1, 3 and 5 photos together have different roles to play.  This week we suggest how three photographic genres popular with Excio members can be extended to stock photography, by harnessing the photographer’s favourite pursuit.

The landscape photographer

Landscape photography is big, bold and beautiful. Usually isolated and mostly without people.  A place to escape the city and absorb nature.  Next time you’re in a giant landscape, once you’ve achieved your main captures, how about taking some time to photograph the story behind the shot with a number of close-ups.  This might be the pathway to get to the location, your well-worn tramping kit and maps, the hut you’re staying in, your tramping buddies or the flora and fauna around you.

No-one expects your main landscape to be offered for stock photography if you have another professional outlet such as print sales, but at the Library we sure are interested in seeing the story of how that shot was obtained.

By Peter Laurenson

The street photographer

You love photographing people and street scenes? We love to see the results in the Library.

There is so much opportunity with street photography. Take a marketplace as an example. Broad shots of crowds in colourful locations with clearly New Zealand backgrounds are in demand.  Then there is all the activity that happens around the market: the fruit and vegetables themselves, the signs, the carts, stands and tools of the trade, the weathered boots and hands of the stallholders.  Their expressive faces. The more you find out about the people and businesses for your street photo descriptions the more you add value for the stallholder and your photo.

Photo by Artana

The portrait photographer

Professional shoots of people could never make stock photos, we hear. Actually there are opportunities for this genre. You have a wealth of collateral available to capture gorgeous locations and the props you utilise. Photos capturing the scene with interesting props which show a unique part of New Zealand are always in demand. Simply asking permission at private locations and of your models might open up opportunities to photograph for the Library too.

Photo by Kizwiz2019

In summary, no matter your genre, if you take extra time you can extend your talents towards stock photography and this will give you a bonus purpose. For it is these supporting photographs that bring Aotearoa to life in a commercial sense, and the photos you thought had no value are actually what we consider as #Stock in-demand – and images of ordinary life can be captivating (and often amusing) in years to come as well.

Give extra purpose to your photography by uploading your supporting captures to the Excio Image Library. We love seeing your unique view of New Zealand.

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