I have always enjoyed photography. After using my phone to take photos for years, I bought a camera in 2018 and joined the Hawera Camera Club not long after. After a few years, I started a Photography diploma at SIT to gain more experience and explore different photography genres (portraits, architecture, composites, astrophotography etc.) along with learning the basics of Photoshop. I did this part-time and after 3 years I have just completed my last paper.

Living in Taranaki there is so much to explore from the coast to the mountain but I’m not sure I’ve found my photographic style yet. I like photos that inspire an emotion which can be done, for example, by using shadows as a contrast against colours in a sunrise/sunset. I like to explore all sorts of genres and processing techniques, always keen to try something new, but above all, I like being able to capture a moment in time.

I currently have three Canon cameras, the 6d, 800d, and 5d mark iv. I tend to stick with a couple of lenses - a wide-angle 20mm and a 24-105mm. I use the Kase neutral density N64 and N1000 and circular polarising filters.

Through online research, I have tried different techniques - for example, focus stacking which is good for landscape and exploring astrophotography as well. I have recently started taking long exposures so a sturdy tripod, remote and neutral density filter are a must for me now.

I like creating long exposures in the landscape, smoothing out the water, creating star trails, seeing the colours of sunrises and sunsets, because in the time it takes to capture that shot you can be thinking of the next shot, looking about, listening to music or a podcast - I find it relaxing.

I used to go to a location and see what I could shoot, however, I now try to plan the shots I am wanting to take and explore different compositions. This may mean going back to the same location but at different times of the day.

The hardest part of nature photography is definitely the weather - you are at its mercy but the best part is that the landscape changes so much so what you see one time will be different another time.

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