Can you relate to the following? I’ll start my business, when… I’ll put myself out there, when… I just need to do some more study and then I’ll be good enough. Once I have a logo then I’ll feel professional and I’ll start telling people about what I do.

Here’s the thing. When you look back at old photos of you now, what do you think? So often it’s a moment of shock where we realise we weren’t the Shrek-like creature we imagined ourselves to be. In fact, we were so much more than we ever thought we were. How much did we hold ourselves back believing that we weren’t good enough though, only to discover later that we were wrong and we are actually the worst judge of our own character/worthiness/attractiveness/talent? What about your work? The work that you told yourself wasn’t good enough. I bet you (exactly like me) can now look back at work that you labelled amateur or unworthy of being showcased and see that it was actually really good. So what’s the problem then?

It’s our mind.

It doesn’t make sense that we would have all of this talent, passion, and desire for no reason. Something that is SO important for us to understand here is the role of our subconscious. Our subconscious has one focus, our survival. Its sole job is to protect us from potential hurt and harm and keep us alive. One of the greatest ways it does that is by keeping us in our comfort zone. If we never grow or stray from the familiar zone, our mind never has to worry because it knows how to look after us and it knows what to expect. So what happens when we start straying from the norm? We decide we want to go for it and all of a sudden we are met with fear, anxiety, and resistance. That’s our mind doing a phenomenal job at keeping us in the comfort zone where it perceives we are safe. It has nothing to do with our worthiness or our abilities. Read that last one again. The stories you tell yourself in this space matter!

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