Eli is an Excio member based in Israel. He is currently working on publishing his first fine art photography book - "Architectural Portraits". The selected works focus on international, iconic, contemporary, and groundbreaking architecture. The photographs were taken in the course of Eli'stravels around the world. For him, the impressive structures he photographed recall human portraits with unique characteristics.

Eli, tell us a bit about yourself, how did your photography journey start and why architecture photography?

I started photography seriously about 20 years ago, taking courses and auditioning at the Jerusalem Municipal Gallery, submitting my works. To my surprise, they were accepted, and I won the Solo Exhibition for the first time in my life. This made me go much deeper into the field of photography. I bought a DSLR camera, signed up for photography courses, and started a long and exciting journey that hasn't stopped to this day having participated in workshops around the world; such as Joel Tjintjelaar, Michael Levine, and others. Today, I continue my studies with Master Eldad Rafaeli. At the same time, I continue studying Photoshop (for over 20 years now) and give lectures at photography clubs about my path in photography. My lecture is called “From As-Is Shooting to Fine Art Photography” which shows the journey I've been on from the moment I started photographing until my works became a piece of art.

My photography journey has been long and varied but the genres that captured me were architecture, abstract, and urban landscape. My fascination with the architecture genre is down to the work of the international architect Zaha Hadid. When I saw the impressive buildings with their unusual outline, my camera pursued these lines obsessively, and so I began to photograph architecture in general and Zaha Hadid's works in particular. I started planning my trips to places where she had designed interesting structures, such as Azerbaijan, New York, Spain, Italy, Germany, Korea, China, Austria, Russia and other places. My attention to Hadid's structures attracted me to the work of other famous and talented architects, such as Frank Gerry, who designed, among other things, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao; Sir Norman Foster who designed the Reichstag Dome in Berlin; Santiago Calatrava, who designed many buildings and bridges, the most famous of which is the science city Valencia, Spain, and the 9/11 Memorial Center in New York City; architect Tadao Ando of Japan; architect Daniel Libeskind, who designed the Tower of Liberty at Ground Zero in New York, the Jewish Museum in Berlin and more; architect Ron Arad, who designed the museum in Holon, Israel, and more.

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