Captivating Photography Journal

Published bi-monthly, a journal focused on helping photographers, designers, and visual storytellers unlock the full potential of photography.

The Excio Captivating Photography Journal is not your typical photo magazine.

We don’t offer gear reviews or technical lessons as there are numerous other sources available for those.

And forget about ads.

Instead, each issue is packed with exclusive thought-provoking articles and interviews that explore what makes photos truly captivating.

We are also continuously researching the latest neuroscience to uncover why certain images stand out, and we’ll show you how to use those insights to captivate your audience.

This journal is a must-read for photographers, offering a wealth of knowledge to broaden your horizons. And every issue now features one or more articles specifically for image users.

what's inside the latest issue?

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What’s inside?

Within the pages of the Excio Captivating Photography Journal, you’ll discover what we consider to be the most engaging articles and most captivating photography from our members. There’s no branded content and no advertorials. All content comes from a talented group of thoughtful and passionate individuals who are on a mission to help you unlock the full value of photography.

How does photography deliver value?

We explore the importance of photography in society with Simon Hertnon and jump on the quest to define value-giving photography in this thought-provoking article that unveils the first iteration of the Excio Captivating Photography Framework™.

The art of seeing

Stephen Milner explores the difference between photographers and visionary photographers, emphasising the importance of creative vision and emotional connections in creating impactful and memorable images that break the mould and evoke emotion.

Navigating the art of creativity

Jack Horlock talks about his experience with creative photography. He also highlights the importance of balance in photography to avoid burnout and the subjective nature of photography judging, stressing the need for diversity.

From darkness to light

Charlotte E. Johnson takes us on a photographic artist’s journey. She introduces her debut solo exhibition, and shares her experiences and advice for others who seek to create and exhibit moving, evocative photography.

Photographic locations worth sweating for

Peter Laurenson takes us on an insightful journey behind breathtaking landscapes, where he reveals the dedication, art, and skill required in landscape photography while showcasing the mesmerising beauty of the Tararua Ranges.

Picture imperfect

Ana Lyubich and Simon Hertnon share some tips on how to avoid off-putting photographs. Learn practical tips to create and use engaging and appealing visuals for your audience, ensuring your content resonates with viewers and maintains their interest.

Photography as a time capsule

In this interview Brian Menzies shares valuable insights on breaking away from traditional photography rules, focusing on personal enjoyment, and the benefits of finding a like-minded shooting buddy to foster growth and creativity.

Top #Favourite2023 moments

Discover the stunning collection of Excio members’ favorite photos from 2023, as participants also reveal the stories and techniques behind them. Explore the personal significance and insights that make each photo truly remarkable.