Captivating Photography Academy

Embark on a journey from understanding the fundamentals to mastering the art of creating and leveraging captivating photography. Boost your confidence, ignite your inspiration, and leave your audience utterly captivated with your visual storytelling prowess.

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Start: 1 August

Beyond Imposter Syndrome:
100-day photo challenge

This isn’t your typical photo challenge, where the sole objective is to snap one picture a day. Our course delves deeper, prompting you to explore the core of self-confidence, develop your understanding of the purpose and worth of a photograph, and appreciate your own self-worth and the overall value of your work.

Along this introspective journey, you will also learn the art of capturing truly captivating photographs.

Location: Online

Limited to 50 participants

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Start: 4 September

Captivate Online: Crafting your photography brand and website using Wix

Having an online presence is a must if you want to turn your passion into income. While you can use social media to share your photos, your own website says much more about yourself and your work.

Location: Online

Limited to 10 participants

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Captivating Photography Essentials

Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of value-giving photography. Delve into the nuances of 16 unique types of captivating photographs, understand the characteristics that can render a photo nondescript or off-putting, and unravel the neuroscience that influences how audiences engage with and draw value from photographs.

Location: Online

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23 September 2023

Young Learners Nature Photography Workshop

Designed specifically for students aged 13–18, participants learn about the importance of photography and nature conservation, develop skills to capture captivating images, and understand the power of visual storytelling.

Location: Lower Hutt, Wellington

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